Disability Services Software

Plan, track, and report on service delivery and client goal plans across your organization, all while improving quality assurance.

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Disability Services Software

Plan, track, and report on service delivery and client goal plans across your organization, all while improving quality assurance.

Ensure Industry Best Practices with Penelope

Penelope case management software is a web-based solution whose flexibility means it can be used by care workers at a central site, or in the client’s home. Collect and manage your client data securely with Penelope’s configurable smart forms, and use our automated workflows to improve efficiency and automatically alert staff when needed.


Engage with Clients

Engage allows your staff to connect directly with your clients, and gives your clients the power to complete necessary documentation on their home computer or mobile device. With Engage, your clients can do things like:

  • complete feedback and evaluation forms from home. As soon as they click save, that form is securely stored in Penelope
  • initiate two-way discussions with staff that become part of the client record in Penelope
  • ask clarifying questions about completing forms and receive responses from staff within the system


Reporting Ease

By collecting complete and healthy data, you can ensure accurate, ‘single source of truth’ reporting.

Penelope’s library of pre-built reports is a great baseline, and it’s easy to export your own data to Excel for custom reporting or use Penelope’s Tableau online dashboards function to fill your reporting needs.



Quality Assurance

By automating processes, creating the appropriate triggers, and demanding completed documentation, you can be sure of improved compliance and data health in your organization.

  • Workflows automate agency processes when triggered by the passing of time or a specific event in the client life cycle
  • Smart Forms allow you to create unlimited documents for your agency. Create mandatory questions to ensure data integrity
  • Time and date stamping, supervisory sign-off triggers, electronic signatures, and risk and safety notifications are all ways Penelope case management system can help improve quality assurance.



Focus on Security

Ensuring the security of your client information is our number one priority. Athena Software is an ISO certified company, and we offer Penelope as a secure, cloud-based solution with a 99.99% uptime guarantee.


Case Study: Headway

Headway provides services to people with acquired brain injuries across Ireland. They are long-time Penelope users and the software continues to adapt to and fill the organization’s diverse needs.

In a single year at Headway, Penelope is used to track 19,000 staff hours in direct activity with clients, 47,000 appointments, and 89,000 hours of treatment time.

Learn more about how Penelope has transformed service delivery and data collection at Headway.

What our Clients Say about Penelope

“Athena Software is a world leader in case management software. The Collaboration Suite in Penelope enables agencies around the world to connect with clients using smart communication and workflow tools in a way that reflects how our clients live and work. Once again, Athena is setting the standard for global case management software.”

– Adam Fletcher

Relate, the UK’s largest providers of relationship counselling

Penelope users since 2008

“Our CARF accreditation survey report recognized Headway’s use of electronic medical records with Penelope Case Management Software as a solution that is user-friendly, enhances communication and has valuable data for future research.”

headway ireland logo

Richard Stables

Headway Ireland

Penelope Users since 2006

“In our company we refer to the Penelope Software familiarly as Penny. She is our friend in so many ways! She makes documentation, scheduling, reporting, payroll, invoicing easy! So much time is saved. She is user friendly as well making auditing for accountability and accuracy a breeze. I would recommend the software to anyone.”

Rebecca Mohler

Sendero Therapies

Penelope users since 2009

“It has only been two months since ‘Go Live’ and already we have seen profound improvement in some of our processes. We anticipate more positive changes will occur over the next 6-12 months and look forward to the rich data we will shortly begin to extract and analyze. Importantly, we will finally begin to fully map the difference we make in the communities in which we operate.”

Dr. Janette Hancock

UnitingCare Wesley Port Adelaide

“The ability to create documents for our own needs is a fantastic function of the system. The ability to customize fields at all levels for the system to track information we need for grants and statistics is also very helpful. I would recommend this system to any organization that tracks a variety of data elements and wants to organize your data to meet your needs.”

Linda Castle

The Family Conservancy

The disability services software you’ve been looking for.

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