Penelope Integrations

Penelope Integrations

Athena Software has developed a number of interfaces and integrations for our clients around the world, as well as web services protocols for numerous integration and reporting projects.

As an example of our history with integration projects worldwide, Athena has developed a data upload via web services to the Department of Social Services in Australia, and web services integration to the PCOMS / OpenFit database that's used to track responses to the Outcome Rating Scale and Session Rating Scale assessments.

As well, Athena has developed web services protocols for other integration and reporting projects globally, including PCEHR and NEHTA accreditation, and an interface to the NDIS system in Australia.

We do extensive data import / export work for hundreds of clients around the world as a core Athena professional service.

The approach, feasibility, scope, complexity and cost of each potential integration is evaluated on a case-by-case basis - we are happy to discuss integration needs for your agency at any time.

Here are just some of the integrations Athena has developed for Penelope users to date:


Athena has partnered with the International Center for Clinical Excellence to integrate Dr. Scott Miller's Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT) / Partners for Change Outcome Management System (PCOMS) into Penelope. These optional tools provide an evidence-based way to measure client engagement and progress.

Bring your data to life with Athena’s Dashboard subscription services. With our optional add-on Dashboard SaaS service, you will instantly have access to a suite of core Penelope Dashboards in a stunning visual and interactive format.

Penelope Online Dashboards

Athena is the leading provider of web service data for the Australian Data Exchange program which covers Family Relationship Services, FRC, Mediation and other services. Our unique real-time sync tightly integrates DSS data collection seamlessly with Penelope workflows.

Microsoft Exchange Integration

Penelope can be configured to work with Microsoft Exchange to initiate a one-way push of appointments booked in Penelope to Microsoft Outlook calendars, saving your staff from having to enter duplicate information into multiple systems.

Microsoft Exchange
NDIS XML Integration

For agencies offering disability support services in Australia, Penelope features a simple and intuitive way to generate NDIS XML reporting as a natural byproduct of streamlined service delivery - including NDIS Service Categories, drawdown against individual limits, clusters, quotes and fees.

EDI 837P for U.S. Billing

For clients in the U.S. who need to bill to Medicaid / Medicare or private insurance, Penelope comes equipped with full functionality to submit 837 Professional electronic claims. Penelope generates the files as attachments for authorized users to download and then submit to a funder or clearinghouse directly.

EDI 837P

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