Referral Management

Get a complete picture of each client’s journey from intake to aftercare with comprehensive referral tracking in Penelope.

Our case management software easily tracks inbound, outbound, and program-to-program referrals accurately. It also includes The Blue Book, a built-in directory tool that includes auto-completion to reduce typing when logging referrals.

Blue Book

The Blue Book acts as your organization’s community resource directory. It’s easy to add organizations and individuals that you work with, or to whom you regularly refer clients.

You can also group Blue Book entries into types to make finding information faster.


Inbound and Outbound Referrals

Easily track inbound and outbound referrals directly from a case or a service file.

Better yet, if a referral source or destination is already in the Blue Book, Penelope will auto-populate the information for you!


For multi-service organizations, use Penelope to track your internal program-to-program referrals.

Automation and Referrals

Penelope’s automated workflow technology can be used with Referrals as well. For example, you can set up an automated workflow that sends out alerts or tasks to relevant staff whenever an incoming referral is created.

Or, an automated alert can be sent out when a referral has been in the system for a set amount of days, so that any follow-up activities are not forgotten or missed. 


Referral History Report

Penelope includes a built-in report for understanding a referral source’s history. See the number of inbound or outbound referrals by source, type or reason over your selected time period.

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