Engage is Penelope’s client engagement portal, a tool designed specifically to help your clients connect on a deeper level to your organization and the services you provide.

Through Engage, staff can send documentation or have discussions with clients and the results will automatically sync with Penelope.

Using Engage, you can improve client relationships and retention and ensure no documentation is missed, all while freeing up more time for your staff.

With this mobile-friendly solution, your clients can connect with their service provider and fill out forms anywhere, anytime.

Client and Staff Communication

Send service-related emails or text messages directly to clients through Penelope. These conversations automatically become part of the client’s clinical record in the system.

Easy Documentation

Clients can easily complete forms, surveys, outcomes evaluations, and assessments on their computer or mobile device.

All communications are done online through a secure web link.

Sync with Workflow Automation

Documents, forms, and reminders can be automatically scheduled into Penelope and sent out to the client without staff having to do it manually. Staff can receive a notification when a client completes a form or task.

Automation can help improve client responsiveness, quality assurance, accountability, and reduce administrative burden.

Engage Information Package

Information Package

For more information and examples of Engage at work, download our information package.

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