Billing in Penelope

Manage all of your invoices, payments, and credits for clients and funders with a convenient, out-of-the-box, accounts receivable billing module.

Accounts Receivable

Penelope comes with a built-in accounts receivable billing module that allows you to invoice clients and funders, while keeping track of payments, credits, and debits.

Billing Reports

Account Statement and Aging reports are included, as are reports that help you identify invoices that haven’t been paid, payments that haven’t been applied, and much more.

Insurance Billing and Grant Funding

Add an unlimited number of third-party funders and insurance companies with our flexible billing module, and create client-specific policies and coverage limits as needed. You can also use Penelope to accurately track spend-down of grant funds.
For U.S. organizations, Penelope includes the option to create 837 Professional EDI claims for upload to your funder or clearinghouse.

Stay on Track

Your administrative staff can track funds in real time and you can use our automated workflows to prompt staff to create a new coverage for a client or to warn them when a coverage is due to expire.

Our unique approach provides maximum clarity, visibility, and accountability for clients, service providers, and funders.

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