Workflow Automation in Penelope

Penelope includes automated workflows and action triggers that can help automate an organization’s processes, while giving you the power to create sets of custom automatic workflows, tasks, notifications, and alerts involving virtually any aspect of client service.

Use workflows to improve efficiency and consistency in your organization while relieving staff of some of their more tedious tasks, and make sure the right information gets to the right people at the right time.


Tasks, notifications, forms, and more can all be automated through Penelope’s powerful workflow engine.

You can build complex business rules with specific conditions related to the attributes of the service, client, or staff member.

Workflows are defined by the software user and there’s no limit to the number you can create.


Time-based Workflows

Workflows can be designed to trigger based on the time before or after an event, or at a key point in a client’s treatment.

With Penelope’s workflow technology, your staff can receive automated tasks and appointment reminders, be prompted to complete time-sensitive documentation, and much more.

Penelope can even let your finance team know when an invoice hasn’t been paid in time!

Event-based Workflows

Events can also trigger workflows. For example, the way a client answers a question in a custom smart form can trigger a notification or create a sequence of tasks for the case worker.

Penelope can set automated workflows in motion for each new intake, or for unsigned documents, changes in field values, service-related deadlines, form completion, and more!

Workflow Automation and Collaboration Whitepaper

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To learn more about Penelope’s Workflow and Collaboration Suite capabilities, download our whitepaper here.

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