3 Big Reasons to Consider Choosing Penelope Client Management Software

by Jordan Fox

Why should you consider Penelope case management software for your human services organization?

It’s a question that we’re indirectly answering in every demonstration of Penelope that we do.

Potential clients are comparing us against multiple other software options that exist in the marketplace, and we’re showcasing what sets our software apart.

This can sometimes be a tricky question to answer as we’ve obviously never used our competitors’ software ourselves.

That said, there are many features that make Penelope software different than the other options available, so we may as well go at it like Coke vs. Pepsi and lay out just three of the things that make our system unique!

1 – Smart Forms

Smart forms are one of the most powerful features in Penelope.

These are completely customizable ways to recreate your documents, assessments, letters and surveys electronically, and best of all they can be built by your team through our easy-to-use document builder.

Smart forms can handle any type of form you need – progress notes, service plans, incident reports, consent forms, intake documents, you name it.

Outcomes assessments can track scored questions and monitor changes in data over time for each client, giving you an at-a-glance view of a client’s clinical progress.

So what makes them ‘smart,’ exactly?

Penelope smart forms can pull information directly from a client’s file into a document, and can also pull data from one form to another while providing the option to create custom documents with an unlimited number of fields for the purposes of data collection and reporting.

You can also add conditions to any question – these can show or hide subsequent questions, sections or pages based on the answer to a question, and can guide the user in an intelligent way to complete only the relevant sections.

We also offer the Outcome Rating Scale and Session Rating Scale assessment tools as a separate module via our partnership with Dr. Scott Miller and the International Center for Clinical Excellence.

You can also use Penelope’s innovative action triggers and automated workflows with smart forms, meaning the system can be configured to send out alerts, notifications or tasks automatically based on the answer to any question in one of your forms.

This is almost worth another blog post in itself, but that’s an example of another powerful tool that sets Penelope apart.

2 – Flexible Reporting

We provide each of our clients with access to a free Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) driver, which gives you the power to export your Penelope data to a third-party application like Excel or Tableau for the purposes of running queries and creating custom reports.

This also leaves the door open to creating exports for other software systems (financial, payroll, billing, reporting, government databases) that require specific datasets from your case management system.

This access can be provided to authorized members of your staff who are comfortable with building reports on their own, or Athena data specialists are happy to quote on creating the datasets you need to submit reports to your management, stakeholders or other third parties.

It’s your data, and with an ODBC connection you can decide what report or data building needs you want to satisfy. The sky’s the limit!

Athena also offers access to the powerful and innovative Tableau dashboard and data visualisation software as an add-on via our Penelope Online Dashboards suite of pre-built reports.

With this optional add-on SaaS service, your organization instantly gains access to a suite of core Penelope dashboards in a stunning visual and interactive format. Athena data specialists can also create custom reports to suit your business intelligence reporting and analytics needs.

3 – Reliable Customer Service

We are committed to providing your organization with a positive experience every step of the way – from your first visit to our website all the way to the successful implementation of Penelope at your agency.

Our Global Professional Services team is staffed by passionate industry experts who have vast experience within the nonprofit sector.

They collaborate with you to design the Penelope Excellence Pathway implementation plan to meet your organization’s budget and requirements.

Once you’re live with Penelope, our technical support team are here to provide you with friendly, timely responses to any questions you might have as your staff gets used to their new case management system.

We’re a rapidly growing company, but we still have a startup spirit and your needs will never get lost due to bureaucracy or negligence.

We see our clients as partners, and strive to treat them as such.

These are just a few examples – there are lots of other ways we set ourselves apart from similar companies. Just contact us and we’ll show you why Athena Software and Penelope are the best choice for your case management needs.

Is Penelope right for you?

If you’d like to know more about how Penelope can work for your organization, we’d love to help. Fill out our form or give us a call.

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