Penelope for Jewish Family Services

The software you need to help those you serve thrive.

Penelope for Jewish Family Services

The software you need to help those you serve thrive.

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Designed to help you manage client outcomes, improve the care you deliver, and maximize operational efficiency.

Penelope is an industry-leading software for Jewish Human Services.


Easily manage a diverse range of services

Penelope’s service and case file structure makes it an ideal fit for agencies offering multiple programs in one or multiple locations, from counseling to parenting, elder care, and much more.

Penelope allows for unlimited custom documents through our Smart Forms. You can create these forms yourself, eliminating the cost and time of customization.

Through Penelope you can easily limit who has access to which data. Security across programs and sites are easily defined by custom security roles.

Gain agency wide data visibility

Consistent data collection in one location makes it simple to analyze your agency’s activity. Data-driven insights let you see strengths and inefficiencies in your agency.

A library of over 130 pre-built reports means you can get vital statistics and in-depth analyses with only a few clicks. Pull data on clients, workers, financials, and more.

Customized reporting is made simple by Penelope’s Online Dashboards powered by Tableau. Or, create your own reporting by exporting your data to the tool of your choice.

Improve the service you deliver to your clients

With a centralized database, relevant data can be shared across programs, making it easy to understand and review a client’s journey. No need for clients to re-tell their story to every worker they meet.

Automation of basic processes means time savings for you and faster service for clients. Tools for staff-client communication are built right into Penelope. Securely message clients and share forms that automatically sync with Penelope.

Feel confident in the security of your client data

At Athena Software, protecting your client information is our top priority. We are HIPAA compliant and hold an ISO certification.

Our secure data centers are located in the United States and Canada, so your data never leaves the country.

With Athena Software, you own your client data. Should you ever decide to end your agreement with Athena Software we ensure your client data is securely removed from our system and transferred to you.

Penelope for Jewish Human Services Webinar

On July 26th, we’re hosting a webinar to showcase our case management software for Jewish family services.

The webinar will focus on challenges specific to Jewish human services and how Penelope can address them. Scott Collins, who attended the Network of Jewish Human Services Conference in Chicago will be hosting this session.

This is a free, no commitment event. Join us to see how Penelope can serve your Jewish family service organization.

Jewish Human Services Conference Invitation

Network of Jewish Human Services Agencies 2018

Thanks so much for joining us at the inaugural Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies conference in Chicago, from April 29 to May 1.

We appreciate you taking time to drop by our booth and have quick chat with Scott Collins.

Just a reminder that members of the Networ unlock a 15% discount if your organization purchases Penelope at any time in 2018!

If you’d like to learn more, please fill out our form below and we’ll be in contact right away.

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