Education Support Services Software

Improve student outcomes with easy ISP management and progress tracking

Software Benefits

What Penelope education services software can do for you

Use Penelope anywhere

All you need to login to Penelope is an internet connection. Staff can access the files they need on tablets and smartphones anytime.

Get the data you actually want

Get stats quickly or organize your data in an unlimited number of ways with flexible reporting and data export options.

Create the forms you need

Go paperless with Penelope’s Smart Forms. By eliminating paper forms you can improve accuracy and reduce data entry time.

Case Study

Preferred Behavioral Health Group


Preferred Behavioral Health’s sites are spread out over four large schools in multiple districts, so having a system like Penelope that can streamline the process of record keeping and data management in the 21st century was critical.


Ensure the safety of your student data


Our number one priority is the security of your student information.

Data privacy provisions are a part of all aspects of our operations – from the design of Penelope to the configuration and management of our data centres, our internal administrative controls, staff training, management, and the way we deliver client services.

Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?