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Learn more about Athena Software and our Penelope case management system for health and social service organizations by reading our most popular news articles below. Or request a free demo of our software by filling out the form at the bottom of the page!

"It is a testament to our reliable cloud-based software and the security of our data centres, as well as our ongoing commitment to ISO 27001 certification, to have earned the trust of an organization as concerned with security and privacy as Military Family Services."

Canada's Military Family Services Selects Penelope Software
Nurse-Family Partnership Selects Penelope by Athena Software

"We are excited to begin a partnership with Athena Software to provide our Nurse-Family Partnership programs with a more efficient data collection system to track outcomes for moms and babies."

"I am truly excited to be joining Athena to help the founders and its talented team execute its ambitious growth strategy to build a global company dedicated to serving a real and significant need within the health and social services sector."

Geoff Bellew Joins Athena Software as CEO
Penelope Software Designed to be Beating Heart of Human Services Organizations

"We have a very powerful and unique set of features that provide the essential drivers for all aspects of the enterprise’s clinical and administrative operations."

"This reinforces Athena’s demonstrated commitment to adhering to the highest standards of information security and privacy for our clients."

Athena Software Achieves ISO Certification
San Diego-based sales executive Scott Collins joins Athena's growing team

"Working with Athena has reinvigorated my desire to show the world what great software like Penelope can do."

Globe and Mail (subscription required)
Athena Software Director of Global Business Development Dana Fox talks about Athena's presence in the U.K. and the potential impact of Brexit for Canadian companies doing business there.

Brexit could cause big headaches for Canadian companies in the U.K.
Former MP Peter Braid Moves Into Tech Sector with Athena Software

Waterloo Region Record
"When I was a member of Parliament I was motivated by the opportunity to make a difference, and this role continues to provide me with an opportunity to make a difference."

Waterloo Region Record
"We have a real passion for helping organizations provide more comprehensive services, more accessible services and more responsive services."

Athena Software Makes Case for Rapid Growth
Penelope Implemented at Parents as Teachers

“The ability to tailor Athena’s Penelope software to meet our needs allows our programs and affiliates to deliver consistent, timely data and provides faster access to critical information to track and develop reports and better serve the families we support.”

“We assessed most of the leading products on the market and eventually selected Penelope by Athena Software as the best fit in being able to help deliver success in the new world of NDIS and individualized funding."

Athena Software Rolls Out NDIS Software in Australia
Athena Software Announces U.S. Director of Global Services

“From my first-hand experience with Penelope case management software and from my work with many other community sector organizations, I have been able to witness the strategic impact and benefits that Penelope can make to support their respective work and causes."

Financial Post
"We’re not afraid to think big. But we’re realists as well. We understand you have to move pragmatically from one step to the next, otherwise you’re just flying into the dark."

How Athena Software is Expanding Globally Without Leaving the Building
Athena Software GoTo Meeting Case Study

GoTo Meeting
Read our GoTo Meeting customer success story!

"I was drawn to the profession of social work due to its broad nature, in that it opens many doors of opportunity. Having faced many medical challenges myself, I was excited to support others in developing their skills and abilities to manage or resolve the problems they are facing.”"

Athena Software Annual Social Work Scholarship Awarded

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