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Athena Software Global Growth Continues

Athena Software continues to grow its business globally as a means of helping its clients in the nonprofit, health and social services fields achieve greater success in their communities.

The Waterloo, Ont. creators of the Penelope case management software application are pleased to announce their continued expansion into the U.S. with the addition of Sandra Vallance as Director of Global Services, managing global deployment and client services for Athena from San Francisco.

Athena’s continued growth is part of an ongoing strategy to strengthen the company’s global deployment capabilities and overall customer experience. This will provide Athena with the resources to better serve current and prospective clients around the world by helping them achieve improved outcomes by optimizing their use of Penelope’s simple, smart and connected case management system.

This major change is also a response to the continued growth of Athena in global markets thanks to increasing demand for Penelope’s web-based case management software in the health and social services sector.

“Sandra Vallance brings a unique and impressive combination of industry knowledge, insightful business acumen, outstanding planning and management skills, and in-depth product expertise to Athena,” said Greg Stanley-Horn, partner at Athena Software.

“We are experiencing an exciting growth trajectory globally, and these impressive additions to our team will help us to provide world-class enterprise-level software and professional and support services. By continuing to invest in our product development, our SaaS infrastructure and our services delivery team, Athena is demonstrating a deep commitment to help our clients achieve even greater levels of success. Penelope is a key enabler for our clients to drive social impact and deliver better outcomes for their clients in a more effective manner. We see Sandra’s team as essential in helping organizations realize the maximum benefits of Penelope."

Athena’s relationship with Sandra began in 2008 when she helped select Penelope as the case management software solution for nonprofit social services agency Relationships Australia South Australia (RASA). Sandra’s strong belief in the software led to the establishment of the Penelope Excellence Consulting Group, an arm of the Australian Institute for Social Relations (the registered training organization of RASA). As the director, Sandra helped to provide deployment, training and support services for Athena clients in Australia.

“From my first-hand experience with Penelope case management software and from my work with many other community sector organisations, I have been able to witness the strategic impact and benefits that Penelope can make to support their respective work and causes,” said Sandra. “It is a privilege to now have the opportunity to work with Athena Software around the world to share these strategic benefits further.”

Athena’s presence in Australia also continues to grow with the addition of Joanna Retnam as Head of Global Service Innovation based in Melbourne, effective July 1.

Based in Melbourne, Joanna has extensive experience with the Penelope case management software application, both as a frontline user and in her role providing business analysis, project management, training and support for Athena clients across Australia since 2010 with the Penelope Excellence Consulting Group.

These additions will help Athena further consolidate its secure, ongoing presence in Australia and New Zealand, where the company continues to expand its already extensive client base, while providing a stable source of support and professional services for the more than 80 agencies currently using Penelope case management software in the two countries.

With these and other exciting opportunities on the horizon for 2015, the growth of Athena Software shows no signs of slowing any time soon.

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