Athena is Green

Athena is Green

Athena Software’s commitment to sustainability is an integral part of our corporate culture.

In 2009, we became one of the original pledging partners with Sustainable Waterloo in their Regional Carbon Initiative.

As a Gold Pledging Partner in the RCI, our Green Team grows more determined each day to achieve our goal of a 60 per cent reduction in corporate greenhouse gas emissions by 2019.

Our sustainability goals include: reducing business travel overseas by developing partnerships to deliver Athena services, encouraging sustainable commuting, and meeting our Regional Carbon Initiative commitments, while participating in community events like the annual Carbon Cleanse.

As an example of our commitment to being as green as possible, Athena has installed recycling bins and green bins for compost on every floor to ensure the amount of general waste is reduced whenever possible.

As well, to reduce the number of personnel who commute to work each day Athena allows employees to use flex-time, permitting them to work from home or telecommute one day a week.

In addition, Athena has implemented a reimbursement initiative to encourage carpooling amongst staff that successfully increased the number of employees who carpooled to work each day.

1 in 8 Athena employees create 0 GHG during their commute.

Our Commitment to Community

Athena Software is a proud member of the community in Waterloo Region, and we are happy to contribute to our community via volunteering and philanthropy.

Athena supports the amazing work of our clients through philanthropic gifts and promotional assistance.

Athena employees have also run in-house fundraising campaigns for the United Way and the Food Bank of Waterloo Region, and participated in volunteer work in the community as part of each United Way Day of Caring.

In 2017, we were honoured to be nominated for the United Way of Kitchener-Waterloo and Area's Day of Caring Award.

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Sustainable Growth

Athena Bike Racks
Indoor bike racks encourage employees to commute to work on two wheels.
Athena Recycles
Blue and green recycling and compost bins are available throughout the office.
Athena Standing Desks
Many employees use standing desks to promote an active approach to the day.