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There's plenty to see here, whether you're looking for some background on Athena Software and our history, a peek at some Penelope features, or an overview of how Penelope can help transform your organization.

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Meet Penelope

Penelope is a web-based, fully integrated case management software solution that's perfect for your mid-size, multi-service health and human services organization.

Penelope can be accessed on a desktop, smartphone or tablet, can manage all the information and workflow that make up the day-to-day work of your staff.

Whether you're looking to reduce paperwork, increase staff efficiency, or streamline reporting, Penelope is the software you've been looking for.

Watch our animated video to find out in less than 90 seconds how our easy-to-use, mobile-friendly client information system can help your organization start saving time and money today!

Meet Athena Software

We make Penelope - a simple, smart and connected case management software system that's web-based, mobile-friendly and used by health and social service organizations around the world.

At Athena, our goal is to anticipate and support emerging trends in service delivery best practices, while also enabling enhanced client engagement.

Watch this video to learn more about Athena's origins and philosophy with the help of one of our founders, Greg Stanley-Horn.

Penelope In Action

Penelope provides a robust feature-set designed to effectively manage client services with secure mobility, administrative efficiency and value-based care in mind.

Some of the highlights of Penelope include: advanced workflow automation, smart forms, embedded assessments, integrated calendaring, direct client engagement, and innovative collaboration tools.

Take a couple of minutes to look at this overview and find out a little more about why Penelope is called a world leader in case management software by Relate, the largest provider of relationship counselling in the U.K.

Introducing Engage!

Engage is a client engagement portal for Penelope case management software that's designed to help your clients connect on a deeper level with your organization and the services you provide to them.

With Engage, your staff can now send documentation directly to clients for them to complete at their convenience, with the results automatically saved in Penelope.

As well, staff and clients can engage in discussions that become part of the client's clinical record in the system.

Watch the video to find out more about how Engage works, and how it can help your organization today.

Penelope Smart Forms

Penelope’s built-in smart forms feature allows your organization to build an unlimited number of templates for the forms, letters, outcomes assessments, and surveys your staff use each day.

Penelope smart forms are flexible and powerful, and can be created easily without the need for expensive and time-consuming customization.

Our smart forms and outcomes assessments tools allow for the complete tracking of an individual’s history, goal completion, clinical progress, and outcomes.

Watch this video to learn more about how Penelope smart forms can help your organization improve accuracy and quality assurance.

Automated Workflows

Your agency can achieve new levels of efficiency, service impact and quality assurance by extending Penelope’s collaboration tools with our powerful workflow automation framework.

Our workflow tools generate tasks - such as alerts, notifications, smart forms, checklists of forms, reminders, and more.

These are then assigned to specific staff members, departments or other categories of staff, or even clients!

Tasks and communications can be sent to mobile devices in real time as well as popping up on screen or being saved in the staff person’s unified inbox in Penelope for maximum efficiency, while supervisors can monitor task completion of their staff from their own dashboard.

Driving Social Impact

Learn how data can drive the social impact of your agency and how building reports from your Penelope data can help your organization achieve outcomes, not just measure them.