Penelope Excellence Pathways

Penelope Excellence Pathways

Penelope is a powerful, integrated case management solution that will help transform the way your organization engages with clients, works collaboratively, demonstrates outcomes and delivers quality, best practice services.

Our Global Professional Services team has developed a range of deployment options to meet the specific implementation, project management, configuration and change management requirements of your organization.

Penelope Excellence Pathways offer best-in-class deployment methodologies delivered by passionate industry experts with in-depth knowledge of the social services sector.

Purchasing and deploying Penelope is an investment for your organization, and our overall objective is to set you up for success with Penelope and ensure that your enterprise realizes maximum return on your investment in Penelope.

Every organization is different - with a different mix of available resources and skills, different priorities and preferences and varying degrees of readiness.

We have designed the three Pathways to Penelope Excellence to present the broadest range of options for your organization so that you can select the Pathway that best suits your requirements.

Check out reviews of our software and deployment performance on Capterra, or find out more by completing the form at the bottom of the page and requesting a free demo of Penelope for your organization today!

Penelope Excellence Pathways Options
Knowledge Transfer Pathways

The Knowledge Transfer Pathway is well-suited for organizations with a limited budget and a willingness to learn. It requires adequate internal resource availability and appropriate in-house skills to lead the deployment. The aim of this approach is to create self-sufficient clients who are knowledgeable in Penelope.

Our Full Configuration Pathways offer a range of options that deliver a fully-configured Penelope database based on our understanding of your specific requirements. We work with you to document your business objectives, and then perform the configuration work required.

Full Configuration Pathways
Managed Service Pathways

The Managed Service Pathway offers a comprehensive suite of premium end-to-end services that essentially “outsource” nearly all aspects of your deployment and ongoing management of the software to a dedicated team of Penelope case management software experts.