Tailored Services

Tailored Services

As flexible as Penelope is, there may be times where some additional connective work is needed to bridge a unique gap between Penelope and other information systems or to legacy data.

Our talented and reliable staff can add significant value by delivering tailored services such as custom reporting dashboards, web service integrations to sync or securely share data with third-party systems, or other custom work to extend the considerable benefits of Penelope for your organization.

Or, sometimes all that's needed is some help building documents, migrating data, or training new users.

We take a multi-disciplinary team approach to all projects so that we have the right mix of skills and expertise to deliver the best solution for your requirements in the most agile and cost-effective manner possible.

Our team is composed of expert developers, database engineers, business analysts, IT architects, project managers and implementation specialists.

Athena’s team works with your organization to understand the underlying business needs, constraints and technological context to develop tailored solutions that are perfect for you.

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Custom Needs

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Penelope Deployment Pathways
Choose from a range of deployment options.
We can quote on developing integrations for your organization.
Data Migration
We can help import data from your old system.
Document Building
Let us help build your forms and assessments into Penelope.
Penelope comes with over 130 reports and is ODBC-compliant.
Our training specialists are located around the globe.
Penelope Health Check
Get a health check on how you're already using Penelope.
Business Analysis
Our specialists learn your business inside and out.

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