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Athena Software Business Analysis

We recognize the profound role that Penelope can play in the social service enterprise - it really is the engine at the heart of the business.

Embedding Penelope into the enterprise is not primarily an I.T. project but rather a business change project, and so it's essential that the deployment of Penelope is shaped around the impact upon the business and informed by deep industry knowledge.

Identifying and understanding the processes which currently exist in your organization and need to be accommodated in Penelope is critical to the success of every deployment.

We have experienced staff who would be happy to interview and collect this information from subject matter experts on your staff and create formal process maps to document the step-by-step processes.

During this process we can also discuss reporting requirements and identify how they are currently being captured and how they will be captured in Penelope going forward.

A thorough business analysis will also help us to tailor your training and make recommendations for your configuration of Penelope.

This service is more in-depth than the business analysis consultations provided during the system configuration training and involves project team meetings, stakeholder interviews and the development of detailed process maps, with mapping to Penelope.

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