Penelope Online Dashboards by Tableau

Penelope Online Dashboards with Tableau

Penelope Online Dashboards powered by the Tableau online reporting and dashboard tool is offered by Athena Software as a special online subscription service to provide a suite of visually appealing online dashboards for your organization.

These core dashboards present statistical data from Penelope in a variety of striking visualizations to help provide greater insight into your service level, demographic and worker performance data, along with breakdowns and trends.

Tableau reporting with Penelope

Penelope Online Dashboards also offer some powerful business intelligence tools such as:

  • automatic online report generation and distribution
  • real-time dynamic data manipulation and filtering
  • ad hoc output to CSV / text file
  • advanced geocoding
  • and configurable grouping, annotations, and aliasing.

These dashboards are not intended to answer all of your agency’s key reporting needs, but rather to serve as a base platform upon which you can engage with the Athena Software team to build out your custom reporting requirements in a more agile and cost-effective way than might otherwise be available. Penelope Online Dashboards are just one of the many reporting options available with Penelope.

What You Get

  • One Interactor Login for viewing and authoring of Custom Dashboards - this enables your agency to access the core Tableau Online dashboards for your agency via a web browser, and lets you interact with the dashboards in real time by dynamically applying filters, accessing and / or downloading the underlying data, and emailing PDFs of the dashboards as desired. You may purchase additional interactor licenses as needed.
  • Core Dashboard Suite and Views - a suite of core business intelligence dashboards is accessible with your subscription. On request, you will also have access to Penelope’s core standard SQL database views to build your own single-view dashboards to add to your core dashboard suite.
  • Agile Custom Development Platform - these dashboards will give you a taste of what Tableau is capable of delivering in terms of robust and dynamically filtered data visualizations.

This annual subscription service is available to Athena SaaS clients only.

Want to learn more about pricing options and how your organization can benefit from using Tableau and Penelope case management software? Download our Penelope Online Dashboards PDF or fill out the form at the bottom of the page to request a free demo of Penelope!

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