Penelope NDIS software

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Penelope case management software offers a smart way of handling your organisation’s NDIS requirements, powerfully integrating all aspects of NDIS service tracking and reporting within a robust case management, client communications, automated workflow, and collaboration framework.

Penelope already features the structures for effectively managing:

✓ referrals, waitlisting, and service planning
✓ authorised service agreements providing limits, covered services/rates, terms, and NDIS service clusters
✓ the ability to track service delivery naturally and efficiently within Penelope, and to monitor and report on 'draw-down' against available amounts in real time - by client, by agreement, and across your enterprise
client engagement tools such as direct, automatic emailed smart forms and two-way communications
✓ NDIS XML bulk upload reporting

Penelope empowers your organisation to handle NDIS requirements in stride and in line with the rest of your service delivery practices for efficient and consistent service, administration, and reporting.

Download our NDIS one-page PDF to learn more and share with your colleagues, or fill out the form at the bottom of the page to request a free demo of Penelope with an Athena evaluation specialist!

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  • Workflow Automation
  • Tableau Reporting
  • ORS / SRS in Penelope

NDIS Conference 2017

Our Director of Global Business Development, Dana Fox, spoke recently at the NDIS IT Forum in Perth, Western Australia, all without leaving Waterloo.

His 30-minute presentation on how Penelope can help organisations in Australia become NDIS-compliant was broadcast live to forum attendees from our very own in-house studio at Athena Software headquarters.

For those not in attendance, not to worry - we recorded the 30-minute, webinar-style presentation.

Click play to hear directly from Dana about how how Penelope Case Management Software can help your organisation work with NDIS to deliver your services in a simple, smart and connected way.