penelope case management software features

Penelope Software Features

Penelope's comprehensive feature-set makes it the best case management software for the clinical and administrative operations of the social service enterprise.

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The extensive list of innovative features in Penelope includes: automated workflows, communications tools, smart forms, outcomes management, demographic information, service delivery and clinical data, accounts receivables, and reporting.

As well, our Engage feature provides a fully responsive, secure, and mobile way for your clients to fill out documentation and chat directly with service providers from their home computer or mobile device.

Penelope also includes the Outcome Rating Scale / Session Rating Scale client feedback tool developed by Dr. Scott Miller as an add-on module.

Also available as an add-on module is Penelope Online Dashboards, which provides access to a suite of reporting dashboards powered by Tableau's data visualization software.

Penelope’s deep functionality presents a tool for every occasion, supporting streamlined and nimble operations across the enterprise via an integrated client management software system.

Penelope's rich built-in features include:

  • Scheduling and calendaring (including groups), with optional one-way push to Microsoft Exchange / Outlook
  • Clinical progress and session notes / service planning tools
  • Direct client engagement tools and e-mail / SMS reminders
  • Workflows (alerts, tasks, messaging, reminders)
  • Advanced smart forms, assessments and documents management, including digital signatures
  • Streamlined intake process with duplicate client warning capability
  • Outcomes evaluation and performance management
  • Flexible reporting and business intelligence capabilities
  • Wait listing and inbound / outbound referrals management
  • Configurable 'Blue Book' for storage of detailed community resource and referral source information
  • Role-based security permissions
  • Accounts receivable and billing capabilities, include EDI 837P and CMS-1500 form billing for clients in the U.S.

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Learn more about Penelope Features

Penelope provides a mobile-friendly way for you to directly engage with your clients.
Collaboration Suite
Collaborate and integrate service delivery with our smart communication & workflow tools.
Workflow Automation
Achieve new levels of efficiency with Penelope's powerful automated workflows.
Smart Forms
Create all your forms, assessments, letters, and surveys with our flexible smart forms tool.
Penelope Online Dashboards powered by Tableau
Gain access to a suite of core Penelope reports in a stunning visual and interactive format.
Dr. Scott Miller's Outcome / Session Rating Scale is available as an add-on module.
Penelope is mobile
Your staff can access Penelope any time, anywhere and on any device they like.
For Australian disability support services providers, Penelope handles your NDIS requirements.
For clients in Australia, Penelope fully integrates DSS / DEX requirements.

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Meet Penelope

Penelope is a web-based, mobile-friendly, fully integrated case management software solution that's perfect for the mid-size and the enterprise multi-service health and human services organization.

Penelope is a highly flexible and configurable cloud-based platform that seamlessly brings together your clinical services, administrative operations, billing and reporting.

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