Collaboration Suite

Collaboration Suite

Penelope's innovative Collaboration Suite is a revolutionary new take on the possibilities of case management software.

The Collaboration Suite's powerful tools allow Penelope users at nonprofit and social service agencies worldwide to integrate service delivery with the smart communication and workflow tools they need to provide efficient service and stay connected to clients and to each other.

The Collaboration Suite places each Penelope user at the command of their own role-specific communications and task management centre.

Its sleek design is highlighted by an always-available, one-click layer that can be opened or closed across any Penelope screen and which provides simple, on-demand access to each user’s messages, tasks, reminders and calendar.

Some of the features included with the Collaboration Suite include:

  • Threaded discussion and conversation features allow staff to stay connected on client and non-client related matters via secure and encrypted communications tools within the application
  • A multitude of workflow tools, including the ability to create time-based projects, reminders and checklists, all collected on a detailed workflow management layer
  • Email and SMS (text) reminders for staff and clients - staff and / or clients can receive e-mail or text reminders about upcoming events, while staff can also be notified about internal conversation or discussion updates, task communications and much more, whether or not they are logged into Penelope
  • Real-time notifications, including notification of updates to discussions or tasks, even client arrivals!
  • Electronic Signature capture

Download our whitepaper on Worklow, Collaboration and Client Engagement for more information, or read our blog entry on five benefits you can expect from improved collaboration at your organization.

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