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Human Services Software

Penelope human services software is a web-based case management system used successfully by a broad range of human services providers worldwide, including case management, disability support, mental and behavioral health, domestic violence programs, EAP providers, as well as outreach and education services.

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Penelope can easily handle a wide range of service and treatment types, while embedding global best practices in its design and features, reports, security, and overall concepts.

With Penelope human services software, your agency can maximize operational accountability and transparency. Our software can help identify high-performing providers, inform program planning and resource allocation, and speed up and simplify reporting to stakeholders and funders.

Penelope is a best-practice designed case management software solution that helps service providers work effectively by simplifying workflow and tasks, streamlining processes, automating routines and having important, timely information at their fingertips.

It's a solution that serves the needs of therapists, clinicians, outreach workers and residential staff - providing quick and easy real-time access to current case loads, calendars, messaging, alerts, tasks, smart forms, reporting, and resources.

With Penelope, you can reduce redundant data entry, streamline communications, reduce the potential for error, and ensure timely access to real-time data anywhere!

People using laptop and tablet

Penelope features a host of tools to help reception and administrative staff work more productively and collaboratively.

For example, we've developed some innovative features to monitor workflow and tasks, reduce billing turnaround times and account aging, ensure compliance to your procedures and reduce overall admin workloads.

And, with our digital signature capabilities, your entire agency can go paperless!

Managers love Penelope's transparency and accountability-promoting design which provides powerful reporting, monitoring of actuals vs. targets, clinical documentation review, alerts, and automatic escalation triggers.

The Collaboration Suite gives managers a birds-eye view on all workflow, communications and alerts across their department, while providing real-time anywhere e-mail and SMS messaging and alerts to staff and clients.

Penelope is unique in its ability to not only provide a rich feature-set that empowers your organization to track client outcomes in a myriad of custom ways, but also to help improve those outcomes through a number of best-practice design elements that support clinical decision making, deepen engagement with clients, and encourage inter-agency collaboration.

Read our Relationships Australia case study on how Penelope has helped transform service delivery and agency-wide reporting there. Or fill out the form at the top of the page to request a free demo of Penelope for your organization.

What Our Clients Say

"Athena Software is a world leader in case management software. Athena's new Collaboration Suite enables agencies around the world to connect with clients using smart communication and workflow tools in a way that reflects how our clients live and work. Once again, Athena is setting the standard for global case management software."

Adam Fletcher
Relate, the largest providers of relationship counselling in the United Kingdom

Relate UK

"In our company we refer to the Penelope Software familiarly as Penny. She is our friend in so many ways! She makes documentation, scheduling, reporting, payroll, invoicing easy! So much time is saved. She is user friendly as well making auditing for accountability and accuracy a breeze. I would recommend the software to anyone."

Rebecca Mohler
Sendero Therapies, Ohio
Penelope users since 2009

Sendero Therapies

"Our CARF accreditation survey report recognized Headway’s use of electronic medical records with Penelope Case Management Software as a solution that ‘is user-friendly, enhances communication and has valuable data for future research."

Richard Stables
Headway Ireland
Penelope users since 2006


"It has only been two months since ‘Go Live’ and already we have seen profound improvement in some of our processes. We anticipate more positive changes will occur over the next 6-12 months and look forward to the rich data we will shortly begin to extract and analyze. Importantly, we will finally begin to fully map the difference we make in the communities in which we operate."

Dr. Janette Hancock
UnitingCare Wesley Port Adelaide


"The ability to create documents for our own needs is a fantastic function of the system. The ability to customize fields at all levels for the system to track information we need for grants and statistics is also very helpful. I would recommend this system to any organization that tracks a variety of data elements and wants to organize your data to meet your needs."

Linda Castle
The Family Conservancy, Kansas City
Penelope users since 2003

The Family Conservancy