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Penelope EAP Software

Penelope case management software is a leading cloud-based solution used as EAP software in North America, Europe, and the Australia-Pacific region.

Integrate your organization's client service, financial, reporting and administrative operations with Penelope, an application ideally suited for EAP providers looking to increase efficiency and improve internal communication with an innovative, mobile solution.

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Benefits of Penelope EAP Software include:

Grow Your Business

  • Penelope not only gives you the tools to report service utilization and outcomes to stakeholders, it allows you to effectively monitor your services internally and respond to emerging needs and trends
  • Penelope empowers your organization to track custom client demographics and presenting issues, barriers to service, client satisfaction, wait lists, referral reasons, service needs, outcomes assessments, staff qualifications and availability, training sessions, management consults, and eligible services and limits
  • Penelope also provides a rich data set for analyses and business intelligence so that you produce the detailed information required to effectively promote your services in a crowded marketplace - data such as presenting issues, impact on work, back to work timing, work with dependents, staff departments, demographics, and overall utilization rates

Accelerate Client Service

  • With its flexible workflow, Penelope EAP software allows for centralized, site-based or user-based recording of referral and intake information, wait list management, assignment to in-house or affiliate providers based on availability, staff qualifications, and client preferences
  • In-house or affiliates simply use their web browser from anywhere on the internet to securely access their case files, scheduled appointments and complete progress notes - greatly reducing the back and forth paperwork for efficient and timely reimbursement, reporting and billing

Improve the Service Experience

  • Penelope's centralized web-based intake, referral and scheduling capabilities allow you to provide your EAP clients with timely professional service that can reduce wait times and unnecessary affiliate communications
  • Manage assessments and service plans, integrate progress notes and monitor client outcomes all in one unified, easy-to-use framework

Integrated Billing

  • Staff select the EAP contract for a client, which then draws down the client's session limits. All the practitioner needs to do is record the type of service provided and indicate that the service occurred
  • If you bill U.S. insurance companies, you can simply generate a HIPAA 5010 CMS-1500 form or electronic 837P (837 Health Care Claim: Professional) claim directly from Penelope