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Criminal Justice Software

Penelope case management software for Criminal Justice and Reentry services is a simple, smart and connected solution to help your organization manage client information, collaborate internally and externally, and meet data and reporting requirements required by your stakeholders.

With Penelope, your organization will be able to configure and track (among other things):

  • referral management
  • multiple custom assessments and other documents
  • service planning
  • multi-service provision

Mobile, integrated case management software

Penelope is a secure, web-based application, with custom security permissions that give your agency the power to define role-based security access for each staff member. Case workers can be restricted to view only their own case files, for example, while case managers can be granted access across services.

Our smart forms allow you to create an unlimited number of custom forms, progress notes, assessments, letters and more, with electronic signature, date / time stamp, locking and revision functionality to ensure regulatory compliance and provide an audit trail for each client.

Penelope includes a comprehensive and centralized scheduler for the booking of appointments, whether directly with clients, third parties or internally (e.g. staff meetings, case review sessions, administrative time, case coordination, etc.). Each appointment can be resolved with the relevant status (e.g. show, no-show), with built-in reports available to view appointment status history at a glance.

Probation and parole officers can be granted access for the purposes of review and sign-off on key documentation, or simply included as ‘followers’ on secure internal discussions within Penelope’s Collaboration Suite so they can receive and participate in client-related discussions via e-mail or text.

Penelope’s unified case file structure means each client has one unique record that can be attached to one or multiple services over the course of their involvement with your agency, while allowing you to keep all family information in one comprehensive file. In Penelope, a client can be enrolled in multiple service files simultaneously to help keep you organized and to make case review and data retrieval easy.

As well, Penelope’s groups feature means you can create an unlimited number of groups in any service, with ease of scheduling, taking notes, and recording attendance built right in.

Penelope comes with a uniquely flexible way of tracking service delivery in an accurate, easily reportable way - in the system, you can create an unlimited number of service units (with respective units of measure and associated coding, e.g. DSM-V) so that you define the metrics and deliverables you are using to track service delivery. Service units are simply added to a cart in each appointment to track billable and non billable services alike in a user-friendly, intuitive way.

Communicate and Collaborate with Penelope

Communication is critical within any organization and, with clients often enrolled in multiple services, collaboration across their entire file is key. Penelope case management software can help your organization meet this goal by:

  • Use Penelope Discussions as a secure, encrypted venue for collaboration between staff, including goal and service planning, or even with clients themselves via our new Engage feature
  • Penelope Smart Forms can be used to create any number of documents, including incident reports, and can be configured with custom flags that are triggered by the response to a particular question
  • Penelope’s automated workflows and action triggers can then send alerts and notifications to relevant workers based on these alerts, whether escalating an incident report, or prompting a supervisor to sign off on a particular form
  • Automated workflows also work with Engage, meaning for example that first-day paperwork and follow-up forms can be sent to clients automatically by Penelope for completion on their own time
  • Electronic signatures, document revision locking, and login ID / date / time stamps help ensure data quality, transparency and regulatory compliance

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