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Penelope Counseling Software

Penelope case management software is a web-based, flexible and configurable system that enables your counseling services agency to track the data you need for reporting to funders and other stakeholders, all within a secure system that contains innovative collaboration and communications tools.

Penelope counseling software includes scheduling, smart forms, reports, billing, and much more - all the tools you'll need to transition your counseling practice from an outdated or hard-to-use system or from spreadsheets and paper.

Check out our online reviews to find out what our clients say about us, or fill out the form at the top of the page and one of our team will be in touch to schedule a free demo of the software!

10 Ways Penelope Can Help Transform Your Counseling Agency

  • Complete client intake and book their first appointment in an intuitive, fluid way - Penelope’s configurable Intake Wizard allows for easy entry of new client information (including inbound referral information and required demographics), while the Service Wizard enrolls the client in service and books the first appointment all in one easy step.
  • Penelope’s built-in communications tools include a 'Notify Arrivals' feature that allows your front desk staff to let a counsellor know that their client has arrived, with just one click!
  • QuickPay is also an awesome resource for your front desk staff - invoice, record, and apply full self-payment all in one simple step! Checking a client in and out has never been easier.
  • Penelope’s centralized scheduling tool also allows staff to record cancelled appointments, freeing up their time on the calendar to re-fill the slot.
  • Penelope includes the option to configure automated workflows that send notifications to staff or clients via email or SMS - in short, your staff will no longer have to remember to send clients an appointment reminder - Penelope does it for you! (and lets you know when the client confirms they received the message, too)
  • The Engage feature can be used in conjunction with automated workflows to automatically send out initial paperwork to new intakes, follow-up forms after appointments, even client feedback forms after service exit. Keeping up to date with your paperwork has never been so stress-free!
  • Penelope’s groups feature means you can create an unlimited number of groups in any service, with ease of scheduling, taking notes, and recording attendance built right in. Finally, a natural way to record group services in your case management system.
  • Get intelligence on worker performance with built-in reports tracking case load metrics, appointment statistics, billing information, and much more. Supervisors can pull up and review case notes for a particular worker, and Penelope includes Dr. Scott Miller’s Outcome Rating Scale / Session Rating Scale (ORS / SRS) assessment tool, which is used to track client progress and worker effectiveness.
  • Penelope’s Accounts Receivable package means you can track self-pay, Medicaid, and private insurance clients (and EAP and grant contracts), with EDI 837 Professional claims and CMS-1500 form creation built into the system.
  • All of this and more (including complete inbound / outbound referrals management, and wait list management) mean Penelope is the comprehensive tool you need to run and grow your counseling agency!
  • Read our case study on Chicago-area counseling center Edgewood Clinical Services to learn how Penelope has transformed service delivery and data collection there. Or fill out the form above to request a free demo and find out how Penelope can help your counseling practice today.

What Our Clients Say

"In our company we refer to the Penelope Software familiarly as Penny. She is our friend in so many ways! She makes documentation, scheduling, reporting, payroll, invoicing easy! So much time is saved. She is user friendly as well making auditing for accountability and accuracy a breeze. I would recommend the software to anyone."

Rebecca Mohler
Sendero Therapies, Ohio
Penelope users since 2009

Sendero Therapies

"Athena Software is a world leader in case management software. Athena's new Collaboration Suite enables agencies around the world to connect with clients using smart communication and workflow tools in a way that reflects how our clients live and work. Once again, Athena is setting the standard for global case management software."

Adam Fletcher
Relate, the largest providers of relationship counselling in the United Kingdom

Relate UK

"Our CARF accreditation survey report recognized Headway’s use of electronic medical records with Penelope Case Management Software as a solution that ‘is user-friendly, enhances communication and has valuable data for future research."

Richard Stables
Headway Ireland
Penelope users since 2006


"It has only been two months since ‘Go Live’ and already we have seen profound improvement in some of our processes. We anticipate more positive changes will occur over the next 6-12 months and look forward to the rich data we will shortly begin to extract and analyze. Importantly, we will finally begin to fully map the difference we make in the communities in which we operate."

Dr. Janette Hancock
UnitingCare Wesley Port Adelaide