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Case Management Software

Penelope case management software includes innovative features designed to effectively manage health, community, and social service organizations with secure mobility, administrative efficiency, and quality-assured care in mind.

Feature highlights include advanced workflow automation, configurable smart forms, outcomes assessments, scheduling, direct client engagement, accounts receivables billing, and innovative collaboration tools, to name a few.

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All of this is included within a single, centrally-managed, and configurable case management software system, which means:

  • You no longer need multiple systems
  • You can track all the data elements you need inside one simple, smart and connected database
  • You get standardized, consistent reporting across multiple services
  • You can take advantage of Penelope’s custom access, security, and permissions structure to limit staff access to confidential data on a role-based or need-to-know basis
  • Your staff can use Penelope’s Collaboration Suite for encrypted communications and collaboration on client files and service delivery
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Penelope features that are critical to your agency’s success include:

  • Smart Forms - in Penelope, you can create an unlimited number of custom, flexible smart form templates, whether you need agency-wide or program-specific forms, letters, case notes, progress notes, outcomes assessments, and more. Smart forms features include: auto-population of data already entered in the system to prevent tedious re-typing or duplicate data entry, conditional questions that can show or hide subsequent questions / sections / pages based on the answer provided, electronic signature capability, and an option to flag questions and send alerts to relevant staff depending on how a question is answered, to name a few!

  • Smart Workflows - Penelope’s advanced auto-workflow and configurable action trigger capabilities help promote efficiency, improve client responsiveness and experience, while also ensuring adherence to regulatory and accreditation requirements (e.g. risk management) and assisting with service planning and review.

  • Agency-Wide and Program-Specific Workflows - use our wide array of action triggers to make sure the right information gets to the right people at the right time, and that critical tasks are done on time. This helps promote accountability, while ensuring data is more complete, accurate and up-to-date. In Penelope, each separate program can have its own workflow, while maintaining consistent workflows and processes for other key agency-wide areas, such as critical incident response, referrals, program entry and exit, case reviews, and so on.

  • Unified Case File Structure - one of the key components of Penelope, our unified case file structure means you get a single view of each client within their family structure to assist in case planning and communications, while also promoting transparency and service co-ordination across multiple programs. In Penelope, the case is the hub around which all information and services related to the client revolves.

  • Service Units / Cart - Penelope comes with a uniquely flexible way of tracking service delivery in an accurate, easily reportable way - in the system, you can create an unlimited number of service units (with respective units of measure and associated coding, e.g. DSM-V) so that you define the metrics and deliverables you're using to track service delivery. Service units are simply added to a cart in each appointment to track billable and non-billable services alike in a user-friendly, intuitive way.

And these are just the tip of the iceberg. Check out part one of our 63 Case Management Software Essentials (as well as part two!) for some more unique Penelope features, or download our Information Package for more information.

Penelope is available via a rock-solid cloud-based service to minimize risk, ease deployment within your technical infrastructure, and reduce I.T. investment.

Athena’s Global Services team uses proven implementation and change management methodologies to ensure that your organization realizes the maximum benefits from your transition to Penelope.

Our specialized services experts can create business intelligence solutions to add even more value to your Penelope implementation, and our technical support services are always at the ready to help you continue to benefit from Penelope for years to come.

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