Penelope for Social Services Case Management

Penelope is a social services case management software system used by a broad range of human services providers worldwide to save time and money, increase efficiency and generate accurate reports.

These include mid-sized and enterprise organizations in the fields of case management, disability support, mental and behavioral health, domestic violence programs, EAP providers, therapy practice management, and more.

Penelope is a powerful and integrated case management solution that is web-based and mobile-friendly, and that can help transform the way your organization engages with clients, works collaboratively, demonstrates outcomes, and delivers quality, best practice services.

Trusted by governments, hospitals, school boards, police services, universities and hundreds of not-for-profit social service agencies around the world, Penelope is a highly flexible and configurable cloud-based platform that seamlessly brings together your clinical services, administrative operations, billing and reporting.

Our innovative and intuitive software is just one key to your agency’s success.

Penelope is delivered as part of a suite of comprehensive end-to-end solutions designed to provide maximum benefit to your organization during all stages of your transformational journey.

From mid-sized nonprofits to large multi-site organizations and governments, our social services software's flexible design and powerful configurability has enabled successful deployment at hundreds of the following types of organizations worldwide:

Case Management Software

Penelope case management software easily handles diverse ways of providing service and tracking service delivery, whether your multi-service agency offers groups, outreach, home visiting, individual counseling, family services, and more.

Penelope can integrate the many strands of your organization's client service, financial and administrative operations, and is ideally suited for behavioral and mental health services providers looking to get ahead of the curve.

Mental Health Software
Penelope for Human Services

With Penelope human services software, your agency will achieve maximum operational accountability and transparency. This can help identify high-performing providers, inform program planning and resource allocation, and speed up and simplify reporting to stakeholders and funders.

Penelope for disability services provides your agency with a means to not only plan, track and report on service delivery and client goal attainment progress across the organization, but also as a tool for improved quality assurance.

Penelope for Disability Services
Penelope for Employee Assistance Programs

Integrate your organization's client service, financial, reporting and administrative operations with Penelope, an application for EAP providers looking to increase efficiency and improve internal communication with an innovative, mobile solution.

Penelope case management software for criminal justice and reentry services is a simple, smart and connected solution to help your agency manage client information, collaborate internally and externally, and meet data and reporting requirements required by your stakeholders.

Penelope for Criminal Justice
Substance Abuse Software

Penelope is a leading cloud-based client management software solution for substance abuse and addictions treatment services (inpatient and outpatient). Penelope has reports, groups, billing, scheduling, assessments & more!

Penelope for is ideally suited for university and college student counseling departments, as well as other student service areas such as disability support and international student services.

Penelope for Student Counseling Services
Penelope for Child Services

Whether your organization provides outpatient or inpatient care, or both, Penelope case management software is the simple, smart and connected solution for your child and youth services organization.

Penelope is the web-based, flexible and configurable practice management system that enables your counseling services agency to track the data you need for reporting to funders and other stakeholders, all within a secure system that contains innovative collaboration and communications tools.

Penelope for Counseling Services
Therapy Software

From mid-sized therapy practices to national counseling organizations, Penelope case management software can help your agency achieve better client outcomes, cost savings and improved compliance to quality standards.

Penelope's multi-service family-based model provides an intuitive framework for tracking all aspects of your services, from crisis calls and hotline services to intake and assessments, safety planning, residential services and follow-up care.

Penelope for Domestic Violence Shelters