Tailored Services

Ensuring a perfect fit for your organization

As flexible as Penelope is, there may be times where some additional connective work is needed to bridge a unique gap between Penelope and other information systems or to legacy data.

Our talented and reliable staff can add significant value by delivering tailored services that configure Penelope to your organization’s needs. Athena’s team works with your organization to understand the underlying business needs, constraints and technological context to develop tailored solutions that are perfect for you.

Data Migration

We’re always ready to help you import data from your old system into Penelope. Our data specialists will consult with you to determine the best method for import, data mapping, project scope, and other pre-migration analysis tasks.

Before you start your data migration, check out our blog post on 5 things to consider prior to data migration!

Or, for more information, download our data migration whitepaper.


Over the years, Athena Software has developed numerous interfaces, integrations, and web services protocols as one of our service offerings.

The approach, feasibility, scope, complexity, and cost of each potential integration is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. We are happy to discuss integration needs for your agency at any time.

Here are just some of the integrations Athena has developed to date:

Online Dashboards Powered by Tableau
Bring your data to life with our Penelope Online Dashboards subscription services. With this optional add-on Dashboard SaaS service, you instantly gain access to a suite of core Penelope Dashboards in a stunning visual and interactive format.
Athena Software is the leading provider of web service data for the Australian Data Exchange program which covers Family Relationship Services, FRC, Mediation, and other services. Our unique, real-time sync tightly integrates DSS data collection seamlessly with Penelope workflows.


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For agencies offering disability support services in Australia, Penelope features a simple and intuitive way to generate NDIS XML reporting as a natural byproduct of streamlined service delivery – including NDIS Service Categories, drawdown against individual limits, clusters, quotes, and fees.

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Microsoft Exchange

Save staff having to enter duplicate information by configuring Penelope to work with Microsoft Exchange. A one-way push of appointments booked in Penelope to Microsoft Outlook calendars saves time and energy!

EDI 837P for U.S. Billing
For clients in the U.S. who need to bill to Medicaid / Medicare or private insurance, Penelope comes equipped with full functionality to submit 837 Professional electronic claims. Penelope generates the files as attachments for authorized users to download and then submit to a funder or clearinghouse directly.

Document Building

We have experienced staff who would be happy to build your current forms, assessments, letters, and surveys into Penelope for you.

Since our document specialists are able to perform this work quickly and efficiently, this is a very popular choice for speeding up your deployment or taking some work off of your own plate. This service is available both during and post-deployment.

Custom database views can also be created to accommodate more advanced document functionality such as pulling data from one document to another.

Business Analysis

Identifying and understanding the processes which currently exist in your organization and need to be accommodated in Penelope is critical to the success of every deployment.

We have experienced staff who would be happy to interview and collect this information from subject matter experts on your staff and create formal process maps to document the step-by-step processes.

A thorough business analysis will also help us to tailor your training and make recommendations for your configuration of Penelope.

This service is more in-depth than the business analysis consultations provided during the system configuration training and involves project team meetings, stakeholder interviews and the development of detailed process maps, with mapping to Penelope.


We offer three deployment pathways to ensure the success of Penelope in your organization.


Athena Software training specialists are located around the globe and are equipped to provide a variety of training models.

Train the Trainer

Our deployment specialists can train one or several super-users in your organization who then train the rest of your team at a pace that works for you.

Group Training

Depending on the size of your organization, it may make sense to get everyone involved in group training sessions that can be set up over multiple online webinars to accommodate people in different locations.


We use screen-sharing software so that our trainers not only connect with your staff by phone, but are also able to share screens and connect with each other by video to make sure you still receive the personal touch!

On-Site Training

Our team is always available to provide training services on site if you’re able to collect your staff in one location.

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