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october webinar invitation

How to secure grants

Continuing our discussion from last month on how to grow funding and serve more clients, this month we’ll be talking about how to ensure that grants and funding are secured.

With multiple agencies and organizations vying for the same limited funding, it all comes down to how effectively an organization can demonstrate the value of their services.

Participate in this conversation between Jordan Fox, Athena Software’s Director of Sales, and Amanda McInnis, our VP of Customer Success, moderated by our Director of Marketing, Ray Sabharwal, and learn:

  • What is outcomes-based funding
  • How to leverage reporting for funding within social service and nonprofit environments
  • The benefits of showcasing indirect vs. direct time to funders
  • How reporting works in Penelope
december webinar invitation

How to reduce errors and enhance data efficiency within your case management

In some of our previous sessions, we debated how to grow funding and serve more clients and how to secure grants.

It’s extremely important today and in the future that social service and nonprofit organizations demonstrate effectiveness to continue or grow their funding base. The ability to display efficiency will not only ensure optimal ROI for your funders but also enable organizations to serve a larger group of people or provide additional services.

Join Jordan Fox, Athena Software’s Director of Sales, and Amanda McInnis, our VP of Customer Success and learn about:

  • Why it’s important to reduce errors and improve efficiency
  • What tools and features are available in Penelope to help accelerate this journey
  • Integration capabilities through the Penelope Integration Engine
  • Examples and scenarios of Penelope customers leveraging modules and features like Walk.Me and our pre-loaded Standard Assessment

General webinars

General Webinar

General Penelope Webinar

Penelope is a cloud-based client management software platform used by nonprofits and social service organizations around the world to increase efficiency, enhance reporting, and improve client engagement and outcomes.

Get a sneak peek at some of Penelope’s most popular high-level features, including our simple intake and scheduling, how to store all information about a client or family in a single case file, and easy ways to track data securely and accurately using our configurable smart forms.

General Webinar

Penelope for remote service delivery

To continue providing essential services during the COVID-19 outbreak, many nonprofits and social service organizations were forced to consider the switch to a remote care service delivery model.

See how organizations just like yours use Penelope’s built-in communications, collaboration, and workflow tools, along with our ClientConnect customer portal, to continue providing essential services and stay engaged with their clients during the pandemic.

General Webinar

EHR vs. Case Management Software

Penelope is a comprehensive case management solution for social services that also includes EHR functionality like e-prescribing and medication management that can help streamline workflows and save time for your staff.

Join Penelope expert Micah Gold-Utting as he explores the differences between case management software and EHR solutions, and how to select the system that works best for your agency.

General Webinar

How to grow funding and service more clients

Social service agencies must increase their funding to stay relevant and continue providing programs for the vulnerable. In turn, increased funding can enhance the capacity of organizations to serve more clients and provide additional services.

Join Athena Software co-founder Greg Stanley-Horn, along with Sales director Jordan Fox and Marketing director Ray Sabharwal, as they discuss how technology can help your organization secure funding to help you survive and thrive during and after the pandemic.

Customer Conversations

Customer Conversation

How CCVT uses Penelope for Remote Service Delivery

When COVID-19 began, CatholicCare Victoria Tasmania (CCVT) was able to transition more than 1,000 Penelope users to remote service delivery virtually overnight.

Find out how they did it in this conversation with Nick Collins, Director of Operations at CCVT, and hear his thoughts on making the transition, factors that other organizations should consider, and the benefits their agency has realized.

Customer Conversation

Using Penelope to improve client outcomes

When the client information management system that YWCA Calgary had been using for seven years could no longer meet their needs, they started their months-long search for a better solution, eventually making the informed decision to switch to Penelope.

Watch the video to learn more about when YWCA Calgary realized it was time for new case management software, why they chose to work with Athena, and how Penelope has made an impact on the lives of their staff and clients by helping the organization better track and report on client outcomes.

Customer Conversation

Improving reporting and working remotely with Penelope

Since adopting Penelope in 2018 and taking advantage of custom reporting work from Athena’s Tailored Services team, Kahnawake Shakotiia’takehnhas Community Services (KSCS) has slashed their reporting time from gruelling 60-hour weeks of pulling data for funders to the simple push of a button.

Join Nicole Jabbour, Athena Software’s Senior Sales Manager, and Blair Armstrong, Research and Systems Administrator at KSCS as they discuss how Kahnawake is using Penelope to track and report on client information and service delivery, while helping to provide secure virtual care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Customer Conversation

VOA Southeast & Athena Software on Homelessness Prevention & SSVF Services

Join Chad Cheshire of VOA Southeast and Micah Gold-Utting of Athena Software as they discuss how VOA Southeast has built processes which take advantage of technology systems to help reduce the administrative burden of running a program such as SSVF. Discussion includes things to consider when selecting technology, experience with automating workflows, and how to handle the flow of information.


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