Parents as Teachers implements Penelope

Athena Software today announced the successful implementation of the first phase of its Penelope case management software by Parents as Teachers, an international non-profit organization that promotes the optimal early development, learning, and health of children by supporting and engaging their parents and caregivers.

Parents as Teachers provides early childhood educational support and training to parents of 212,000 children in families from all 50 U.S. states and six other countries via a network that uses its early childhood development, learning and health curriculum through personal visits, community connections, support services, and referrals.

“Athena is proud to play a key role in helping Parents as Teachers deliver and monitor family support and engagement programs and activities for families with children from birth through kindergarten,” said Dana Fox, Athena Software’s Director of Global Business Development. “Penelope is our best-in-class case management software technology.”

“As the Parents as Teachers network has grown to over 3,000 programs, including more than 1,300 model affiliates, so has the need for a more robust, customized data management system,” said Scott Hippert, CEO and President of Parents as Teachers.

“The ability to tailor Athena’s Penelope software to meet our needs allows our programs and affiliates to deliver consistent, timely data and provides faster access to critical information to track and develop reports and better serve the families we support.”

Athena worked closely with Parents as Teachers during each step of the development process and throughout the launch phase this past summer to help ensure a smooth transition to the new data management system.

An initial cohort of users was selected to test the system and Athena provided technical assistance.

In addition, Fox and other Athena staff members recently attended the Parents as Teachers national conference in Dallas to speak with users about their experiences with Penelope, and to showcase relevant features in the integrated case management software system.

Richard Wollenberger, Director of Information Technology at Parents as Teachers, said Penelope’s versatility and comprehensive features, including its compatibility with the Tableau reporting tool to create data visualization and custom reports, were key factors in the selection process.

Athena also worked with Parents as Teachers to automate the electronic transfer of information from its previous system into Penelope.

“This connectivity represents long-term time and cost savings,” said Wollenberger.

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