SMS and Email in Penelope

Penelope can send notifications to staff via email or text message even when they’re not logged into Penelope, and clients can automatically be delivered appointment reminders by email or text (with their prior consent).

Penelope can also be configured to generate a one-way push to Microsoft Outlook, so that events booked in the system are pushed to staff Outlook calendars.

Outlook Integration

Penelope can be configured to integrate with Outlook systems, so that you can push appointments booked in Penelope to staff Outlook calendars. To maintain the security of your client data, this is a one-way push only.

staff receiving phone notification from Penelope

Event and Task Reminders

Our innovative communications tools can be configured to send staff members simple event reminders and task alerts via email or text. You can even use these tools to notify a staff member when their client has arrived for an appointment.

Client Alerts and Workflow

Combine SMS and Email notifications with Penelope action triggers and automated workflow technology to route important alerts to relevant staff when an incident or critical situation occurs. Integrating with workflows helps ensure key business processes are followed.

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