Scheduling in Penelope

Penelope includes a built-in scheduler that lets you keep track of your staff, clients, and resources, and get a snapshot of what’s going on at your organization at any time.

Scheduling appointments, group events, or non-client time is a simple process in Penelope.

You can update staff availability, take attendance, and book out resources. Penelope’s visual scheduler makes it easy to see when conflicts could arise and avoid them.

Simple Scheduler

Providers can book appointments with clients right from their list of case files, or admin staff can schedule appointments for them. Additional case members, workers, or other contacts can be added to an event as needed.

Penelope’s visual scheduler makes it easy to see when staff and clients are available for appointments or events.

Single or Recurring Appointments

Scheduling recurring appointments is also a breeze with Penelope.

Just set the repeat cycle to daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or other handy options, like the first Monday of each month, the 12th of each month, and so on.



Book out Resources

Resources can be reserved for any appointment in Penelope.

To help manage the tracking of your agency’s resource usage, you can define categories like rooms, AV equipment, vehicles, or computers – whatever you need!

Schedule Non-Client Time

Staff can define their availability in Penelope. This can include regular appointments, one-off events and non-client time.

Book time for staff meetings, administrative work or time spent out of the office.

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