Outcome / Session Rating Scale

Athena has partnered with the International Center for Clinical Excellence and ACE Health to integrate Dr. Scott Miller’s Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT) and Partners for Change Outcome Management System (PCOMS) into Penelope.

The Outcome Rating Scale (ORS) assesses the client’s therapeutic progress and the client’s perceived benefit of treatment, while the Session Rating Scale (SRS) assesses the client’s perception of the client-practitioner alliance.

With this per-user, add-on feature, you get instant client feedback and can measure outcomes against global norms with a tool that’s simple and portable.

Simple Slider Interface

Both the ORS and SRS use a simple slider interface. Use them on a desktop, or slide them with your finger on a mobile device or tablet.

When working with kids, the interface can be modified to a more child-friendly version with simple language and expressive slider options.


Benchmark your Results

When you use ORS / SRS in Penelope, you can compare your client’s data anonymously to a global data set.

The Expected Treatment Response (ETR) is calculated based on comparisons with over 600,000 completed forms, over 100,000 unique episodes of care and the work of over 2,500 clinicians around the world.

See how your results stack up to other anonymous sources to better evaluate the effectiveness of treatment.

ORS/SRS Specific Reports

Penelope includes a set of pre-built ORS / SRS reports. Quickly see how individual clients of practitioners are progressing, or see average progression scores for your agency over time.

You can also use the reports to track whether the outcomes scales are being completed.

ORS/SRS Whitepaper

Further Information

There’s lots more to know about the PCOMS Outcomes Rating Scale (ORS) and Session Rating Scale (SRS) in Penelope. Download our whitepaper and satisfy your curiosity.


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