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Penelope has a built-in NDIS module

Penelope allows you to easily manage support plans, track individualised funding, process bulk payments, assist self-managed clients, oversee all agency NDIS claims, control your NDIS support items, and report on your services.

It’s also a complete case management system that can track all of your other services, including groups and scheduling, and much more!


Engage, attract, and retain clients

Offer your clients the best possible experience with Penelope’s suite of unique client engagement options. Engage lets clients or caregivers complete documentation on their phone or at home, while Add.Me lets clients register for services online, and our forthcoming ClientConnect is a convenient, mobile portal that your clients can use to message their provider, view their appointments and account, and make payments online.


Software that’s available wherever you are.

As well as offering your clients a mobile portal, Penelope itself is mobile- friendly and can be accessed outside of the office, whether on a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

This means your staff won’t have to wait to get back to the office to enter notes or update their cases. Penelope is also cloud-based and secure, and your data will never leave Australia.


NDIS software made for you and your clients.

Penelope already features the structures for effectively managing:

  • referrals, waitlisting, and service planning
  • authorised service agreements providing limits, covered services/rates, terms, and NDIS service clusters
  • the ability to track service delivery naturally and efficiently within Penelope, and to monitor and report on ‘draw-down’ against available amounts in real time – by client, by agreement, and across your enterprise
  • client engagement tools such as direct, automatic emailed smart forms and two-way communications
  • NDIS XML bulk upload reporting

Penelope empowers your organisation to handle NDIS requirements in stride and in line with the rest of your service delivery practices for efficient and consistent service, administration, and reporting.


Penelope case management software also fully integrates DSS / Data Exchange (DEX) service tracking and reporting requirements.

NDIS one-page PDF

Further Information

Download our one-page NDIS PDF to share with your colleagues.

If you’d like to learn more about how Penelope can help your organization be NDIS compliant, please contact us below.

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