Penelope DSS Software

Penelope case management software fully integrates DSS / Data Exchange (DEX) service tracking and reporting requirements into a streamlined, practitioner-friendly workflow.

Not only will Penelope automatically upload your data securely to DSS servers via an automated web service, you can take advantage of the many additional outcomes evaluation, assessment, and goal planning tools available for agencies participating in the expanded Partnership Approach.

Penelope’s integrated approach incorporates DSS tracking elements as natural parts of the practitioner’s workflow, allowing DSS / DEX reporting to be mostly a by-product of everyday clinical and administrative operations.

Our DSS / DEX integration includes:

  • DSS Client Information
  • Certificates / Parenting Agreements
  • DSS Session Information
  • DSS Session Assessments
  • DSS Client Assessments
  • DSS Goal Planning
  • Agency Outlet Information

DSS / DEX one-page summary

Further Information

Our one-page PDF on DSS / DEX in Penelope is a great resource to share with your colleagues.

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