Penelope’s Collaboration Suite

Penelope provides a full suite of collaboration and workflow automation tools to help improve the quality and efficiency of the work that your staff does every day.

By placing each Penelope user at the centre of their own role-specific communications and task management centre, the Collaboration Suite helps integrate service delivery with the smart communication and workflow tools your staff need to provide efficient service and stay connected to clients and to each other.

Easy to Access

The Collaboration Suite is an always available, one-click layer that can be opened or closed across any Penelope screen. It provides simple, on-demand access to each user’s messages, tasks, reminders, and calendar.

Tools for Success

Penelope’s Collaboration Suite features threaded discussion and conversations, workflow tools, reminders, and checklists.

Staff can work together on anything from client admissions and case planning, to critical incidents and group services. Staff can contribute from their inbox or directly from the case files.


Even if they are not logged into Penelope, staff can receive e-mail or text reminders about upcoming events, internal conversations, discussion updates, task communications, and more.

Notifications arrive in real time, keeping staff up to date on tasks and even client arrivals.

Collaboration and Workflow Whitepaper

Further Information

If you’d like to know more about Penelope’s Collaboration and Workflow capabilities, download our comprehensive whitepaper.

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