Really connect with the people you serve.

ClientConnect is the new mobile client portal for Penelope that empowers your clients to participate in their care, while improving outcomes and providing transparency, accountability, and trust.

Communicate securely

ClientConnect gives your clients a private, secure way to connect with your organization and the services you provide. ClientConnect is designed to work with mobile devices and has a responsive interface, meaning it’s intuitive and accessible whenever your clients need it.


Give your client the controls

With ClientConnect, your clients can participate more fully in their care. The portal gives them the ability to check messages from their providers, view their provider’s availability and schedule new appointments, pay online or check their account balance, review a list of tasks, and keep their profile and contact information up to date.
graphic of client profile in clientconnect portal

Ease the burden on staff

With ClientConnect, your staff can improve communication and engagement with your clients. This easy-to-use portal can help reduce no-shows and improve outcomes. Its seamless integration with Penelope means billing and administrative time-savings can also be achieved.

Control what clients see

ClientConnect has several optional functions so you can configure it to your organization’s needs. Billing and service requests can be turned on or off for your agency. You can make ClientConnect your own with your own logo and configurable images for the portal background.
graphic of moving tiles in client connect

Unlimited Engage

ClientConnect comes with unlimited use of Engage, Penelope’s exisiting client communication tool. Engage allows staff to send service-related emails or text messages directly to clients as well as allowing clients to easily complete documentation on their computer or mobile device.

Tell others about ClientConnect

For an easy way to share ClientConnect with your team, download our one page ClientConnect PDF resource.

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