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Medication Management

Athena Software has partnered with DrFirst to make their Rcopia medication management product available directly from Penelope.

Rcopia is a secure, flexible, and user-friendly system from DrFirst that provides e-prescribing for controlled and legend drugs, as well as real-time benefits checking, split prescriptions, renewal requests, automated alerting for prescriptions requiring refills, and more.

Seamlessly manage client medications

Staff can swiftly access a patient’s medication history, modify or check their prescriptions, or order refills or new medications without any delay in service.

Streamline workflows and save time for staff

Rcopia can be accessed easily and securely from a client’s file in Penelope, saving time and clicks for busy staff while reducing the need for double data entry and navigation of multiple systems.

Improve the client experience

Medication Management in Penelope will help reduce service lags and time-consuming multiple system use, meaning your clients receive more efficient and timely service.

Tell your team about Medication Management in Penelope

Download our one-pager on Med Management to share with your organization.

WalkMe for Penelope

WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) is a navigation tool that provides on-screen assistance to improve user engagement. It appears as an overlay in Penelope that guides users to perform complex tasks using step-by-step on-screen guidance, timely pop-ups, and helpful tips.

Save Time on Training

WalkMe helps your organization save time on training new staff and decreases the need for re-training when new features are released.

Improve Data Quality

WalkMe improves the overall user experience by accelerating user familiarity with Penelope to reduce user confusion and error.

Support a Remote Workforce

WalkMe helps support your remote workforce by enabling seamless virtual training and onboarding and streamlining communications for remote workers. It also encourages user autonomy through a self-service approach, reducing dependency on IT, support teams, and managers.

Customize Your Experience

WalkMe is configurable to your organization’s workflows and needs, and Athena’s Professional Services team will work with you to tailor it to your agency’s specifications.


WalkMe is available for all users at an organization. This means that the number of WalkMe licenses must be equal to the total number of full-time, part-time, and occasional named user licenses purchased by the organization. Please reach out to your Account Manager for pricing.

walkme Screenshot

Where is it available in Penelope?

  • Intake Wizard/new client entry
  • Enrolling a client in a service
  • Adding a client to a pre-enrollment list
  • Booking a new service event
  • Closing a service file
  • Adding a funder
  • Adding a policy
  • Enrolling an individual in a policy
  • Adding a Blue Book entry/logging a referral

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Download our one-pager on WalkMe to share with your organization.

Australian Funding Reporting


Easily handle NDIS requirements in line with the rest of your service delivery practices for efficient administration and reporting.


Fully integrate DSS/Data Exchange (DEX) service tracking and reporting requirements into a streamlined, practitioner-friendly workflow.

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