Relate Case Study

Relate Case Study

As the U.K.’s largest provider of relationship support, every year Relate helps over a million people of all ages, backgrounds and sexual orientations to strengthen their relationships.

Since 2008, Relate have been using Penelope across their organization, with impressive results. For example, in 2013-14 Penelope helped Relate:

  • provide relationship counselling to over 94,000 clients in 250,000 sessions
  • handle over 168,000 calls to their national call centre
  • serve over 20,000 children and families in over 60,000 sessions in other counselling programs

The story of Relate

Starting in 1943, using pen and paper as his case management system, Dr. Herbert Gray and a group of his colleagues began a small counselling office in London.

Fast forward 65 years and the organization, now nationwide, began implementing Penelope as the case management system for use by its hundreds of staff members across the country.

“Here at Relate Response we find that Penelope is easy to train new users in a short three-day period," said Adam Lee, Relate Response Team Leader.

"Our ‘Test Penelope’ system gives our consultants a platform to practice on, without fear of making any errors.”

The deployment of Penelope software in 2008 created for the first time for Relate a national, centralized database for coordinating incoming intake/call centre operations and allocations to local therapists, including the scheduling of initial and ongoing appointments.

Penelope scheduling is user-friendly

“Penelope is more than a booking system, it is a case management system which not only hold dates and times of appointments but also provides a user-friendly environment for all. Our counsellors have full access and can update their cases, manage their appointment types and availability, and even book their own leave,” said Adam.

The key performance indicator of the implementation of Penelope at Relate was to open and operate a national call centre that would handle all aspects of incoming intakes and admissions, including allocating clients to appropriate service providers dispersed throughout the U.K., scheduling initial appointments and taking payments in a unified, streamlined process.

These indicators have been achieved and exceeded, to the point where Relate has experienced tremendous overall growth in operations and clients served since the project launch, as the statistics above confirm.

Penelope helps improve staff collaboration

“As a national federated charity, it is so important for Relate centres to be able to work collaboratively and consistently. The only way to do this is for us to have a shared system for all to view, which Penelope provides us to an excellent standard," said Adam.

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