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Introducing Engage for Penelope Client Management Software
Posted by Jordan Fox on Jul. 14, 2016

For those who haven’t heard, Athena Software just recently launched a feature called Engage, a new mobile feature-set for Penelope client management software that lets your organization directly connect with your clients on a whole new level.

Using Engage, staff at health and social service organizations can now send smart forms / documents directly to their clients for them to complete at their convenience, with the results automatically saved in Penelope.

Beyond documentation, staff can also start discussions with clients that become part of the client’s clinical record in the system.

In this blog, we'll take a look at some use cases for Engage, but if you only have (less than) a couple of minutes, watch this video to learn how it works.

Now let’s run through a scenario of what using Engage might look like at your agency.

A new client shows up to your organization to receive services, whether it’s through a formal referral, walk-in, phone call, or e-mail.

Your staff do a basic intake to gather this person’s information - this can be as simple as a name, e-mail and phone number (or a more robust gathering of client info if you’d like).

At this point, since you now have the client's name and e-mail (and consent to send them material), you could automatically have Penelope send the client an e-mail with a set of consent and intake forms for them to fill out at home.

You could even build in a digital signature component so the information is verified.

Once the client fills out this necessary paperwork, they simply submit it back to the agency and the necessary part(ies) would be notified upon its completion.

This saves a tremendous amount of admin time (re-entering information, etc.) as well as increasing the completeness and accuracy of the data.

Engage for Penelope is accessible on smartphones and tablets.

In addition to this, a client can receive an automated email or SMS text reminder to confirm their attendance for an upcoming appointment.

These reminders and confirmations not only provide a better experience for the client, but can also dramatically reduce no-show rates.

As well, Penelope can be configured to automatically email custom smart forms to the client to complete, providing an easy way to gather valuable ongoing outcomes and evaluation data.

This also works well for home-based services.

Let’s say you have staff member that visit a client’s home daily.

The client could confirm via e-mail that services were delivered, and a quick self-reporting survey could be generated for feedback, quality assurance and staff accountability.

Let’s go through one more basic scenario.

Not only can you automatically send out assessments through Engage to clients before or after an appointment, but our software can also monitor the data being completed to trigger workflows if, for example, a client’s score or score classification in a given smart form or assessment reaches a certain agency-defined threshold or even if the change in score for these documents over time reaches a certain threshold.

In other words, with all these documents flying back and forth – amidst a mass of other often chaotic work – it’s often easy to overlook some warning signs, to make sure appropriate parties are notified and to take appropriate, considered action.

Penelope and Engage will remain vigilant and can make sure none of these warning signs or client well-being metrics go unheeded. This provides an immensely valuable clinical service in support of maximizing value-based care while helping reduce admin costs.

Knowing how you want your client information to be managed through Penelope is a good first step. But re-examining your processes to see how they can be automated and made more efficient through Engage is taking the system even further.

Engage is extremely user-friendly and I would highly recommend that if you want to learn a bit more, reach out to someone at Athena for a free demo and we would be happy to help.

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