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Penelope Case Management Software for Alzheimer Societies
Posted by Jordan Fox on Nov. 1, 2016

Penelope is a great fit for many different organizations across the social and human services world.

As an example, our clients include mid-to-large agencies in the following sectors (to name a few): Mental Health Services, Multi-Service Organizations, Disability Support, Child & Youth Services, Counseling Services, EAP, Human Services, Domestic Violence and Shelter Services, University Counseling, Criminal Justice, and more.

But this is not an exhaustive list.

To be honest, every single organization that uses Penelope operates in a unique way and so, just like sets of fingerprints, no two Penelope client databases are alike.

That said, there are many large organizations with independent offices around the country (or the continent) who can benefit from using a comprehensive case management software solution like Penelope, thanks to the common dataset, ease of reporting, and web-based mobility it can provide.

One example might be Alzheimer Society organizations across North America - while each group functions somewhat differently depending on what country, state or province they’re based in, we’ve found that Penelope is a great fit for the work that Alzheimer Societies do.

For one thing, it’s a great fit for the combination of group sessions that are offered along with one-on-one sessions or independent service plans that are delivered to individuals.

Penelope’s configurability allows the agency to dictate how services are delivered, and these can be tweaked and changed on an ongoing basis.

When we say “service delivery,” this can either be a complex process or a very simple type of program. For instance, a lot of the Alzheimer groups we work with offer programs where they connect their clients with music they’re familiar with.

They might loan them an iPod loaded with their favourite tunes, for example, or they may run a group class that allows them to simply enjoy music in a group setting.

Penelope allows an agency to track this type of information on a very basic level through our informal or anonymous service tracking, or get more detailed with group sessions set up in a program, where attendance and outcomes are tracked over time.

By using smart forms in Penelope, an agency can customize how they track client outcomes and information.

Best of all, by using Penelope smart forms and assessments to collect this information, the data now becomes integrated, which means it’s reportable and able to connect to a variety of automation and workflow possibilities within Penelope.

A lot of organizations have to re-think how their current processes will work when they introduce Penelope workflows and smart forms - not in a negative or disruptive way, but in a way that can actually introduce efficiencies in both time and cost.

One of the other noticeable similarities across all of the Alzheimer groups we’ve worked with over the past several months is the need to report detailed results and information to either funders, the government, or a combination of both.

In some cases these groups require some sort of integration with another system or a government portal that will collect the agency data.

These are possible and can be examined on a case-by-case basis by our Athena Solutions team. In other scenarios, agencies just need the ability to manipulate their data and pull out specific reports on demand.

For this scenario, we offer a free ODBC connection which allows an agency to download the raw data they need into an Excel or CSV file that can then be queried to produce an endless variety of reporting possibilities.

We also offer a partnership with Tableau to build more robust dashboards and visually stunning reports.

As mentioned above, Penelope is not just software for Alzheimer Societies, but its flexibility and configurability make it a great technical solution for large organizations with satellite offices who may be looking for an integrated, web-based case management system to help streamline service provision and better make sense of their data.

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