Penelope is mobilepene

Penelope is Mobile

Penelope case management software is web-based and mobile-friendly.

This means your staff can access the system whether in the office, at home, or in the field. As well, Penelope is accessible on any device, meaning staff can log into the system on their desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

As a completely web-based case management system, using Penelope means there is no software to install on staff workstations, while Athena's cloud-based SaaS option means you receive worry-free hosting without any costly I.T. expenses.

For information on browser compatibility, minimum workstation requirements and operating systems, please visit our technical requirements page.

Your staff need a system that is accessible at any time, from anywhere, and Penelope provides this flexibility by design.

Penelope’s intuitive communications features keep your staff connected to the system even when they’re not at the office - our Collaboration Suite is highly configurable, and can be set up to send custom alerts and notifications to relevant workers by e-mail or SMS (text message), ensuring that they get the right information at the right time.

3 ways using Penelope’s mobile case management software can help transform your organization:

1. Make life easier for your staff
Providing your staff with the best tools for the job is key to maintaining an efficient and productive team. The ability to access Penelope anywhere, at any time means your staff can stay connected with their work no matter where they are. And, for those who work out in the field, being able to access Penelope’s mobile-friendly system means staff can access notes, case history, tasks, messages and documents at any time.

2. Timely communications keep everyone in the loop
Not only can Penelope be accessed on mobile devices, but it can also send messages to staff when they’re not even logged into the system. Our innovative communications tools can be configured to send staff members simple event reminders and task alerts via email or text, but also works with Penelope action triggers and automated workflow technology to route important notifications to relevant staff members when an incident or critical situation occurs, to help ensure key business processes are followed.

3. Engage directly with clients
As well, our new Engage feature allows service providers to stay deeply connected with clients by providing them with a fully responsive, mobile way to engage in discussions or complete documentation. With Engage, your clients can use their smartphone or mobile device to complete forms, surveys, outcomes evaluations, assessments, review service planning, or simply chat or communicate directly with their service providers in a way that is simple, secure, and that connects directly with Penelope - that is, when a client fills out a form on their phone, it’s automatically attached to their record in the system.

Penelope's fully mobile capabilities mean your staff can access their case load, messages and more from the office or in the field, even from home - Penelope is accessible anywhere, any time. As well, Penelope's electronic signature functionality means staff or clients can sign a document on a tablet or a smartphone simply by using their finger!

Being web-based and mobile is about more than simple convenience, however. It means your staff are constantly connected to their work, and can add notes, book appointments, check their schedules, and much more, any time they need. This can help eliminate duplicate effort and increase efficiency.

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