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Penelope Mental Health Software

Penelope case management software is a web-based, integrated solution designed for the mental health enterprise.

Penelope is an innovative and mobile-friendly case management system that's accessible on any browser, with everything you need for billing, scheduling, documentation, and ease of use.

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With its ability to effectively integrate the many strands of your mental health practice's client service, financial and administrative operations, Penelope is ideally suited for mental health services providers looking for a comprehensive and integrated case management software solution.


  • Manager / supervisory tools for monitoring workflow, notes / documents (e.g. Treatment Plan, ISP) completion.
  • Sign-off and locking feature for session notes and clinical documentation
  • Build custom outcomes assessments / scored tools to graphically represent a client's change over time (and use the powerful reporting tools to compare client change amongst different client groups)
  • Extensive reporting capabilites allow you to track the custom data you need for internal operational purposes and reporting to stakeholders
  • Easily monitor authorizations and coverage limits in real time
  • Quality assurance functionality improves accuracy of claims
  • Customizable security permission structure allows you to create role-based "need to know" access rights

Improve Care

  • Penelope mental health software provides effective methods for tracking and documenting an extremely broad range of services - including scheduled, non-scheduled, non-time based, collateral, supervision, indirect, non-contact, administrative, anonymous, informal, drop-in, residential, referral-oriented, and billable and non-billable services
  • Workflow tools such as clinician availability, waitlisting, integrated calendars, referrals management and alerts help to streamline processes and accelerate client service delivery
  • Use Penelope's smart documents, letters, and outcomes assessment features to build custom treatment plans, case summaries, reports and progress notes


Targets and actuals reporting for client statistics, budgeting, staff productivity, service provision and more!


  • Intuitive service structure perfect for multi-provider team involving one or more clinicians and even third-party professionals
  • No duplicate data entry - integrated scheduling, billing and documentation

Keep the Money Flowing

  • Complete accounts receivables with flexible self-pay and insurance billing, professional HIPAA 5010-compliant 837P (837 Health Care Claim: Professional) electronic claim generation (and paper CMS-1500 forms as well)
  • EOB / Explanation of Benefits for posting / reconciliation of remittance advice
  • Built-in error checking to maximize reimbursement rates and turnaround times

Read our case study on Chicago-area counseling and mental health practice Edgewood Clinical Services to learn how Penelope has transformed service delivery and data collection there. Or fill out the form above to find out how Penelope can help your mental health practice today.