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Check out a few popular videos to learn a little more about Athena Software and Penelope, our simple, smart and connected case management software application!


Athena Software

Find out a little more about the history of Athena Software from our co-founder and partner Greg Stanley-Horn.



See a little bit of Penelope case management software in action in this high-level overview of our favourite simple, smart and connected case management software application.


Driving Social Impact

Learn how data can drive the social impact of your agency and how building reports from your Penelope data can help your organization achieve outcomes, not just measure them.


Video Case Study

Watch this video to learn how Penelope helps the Australian Community Support Organisation (ACSO) serve 23,000 people per year, while also saving 6 working days per month for the agency's intake staff.

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Built for the Human Enterprise

Penelope case management software embodies global clinical and administrative best practices developed from years of research, the input of thousands of nonprofit staff and a healthy measure of innovation. Find out more about how Penelope can fit your service delivery requirements, privacy rules, clinical framework, staff realities, reporting needs and budget!

Grow your Human Services Organization

Penelope client information software delivers an impressive return on investment by integrating all aspects of your organization’s scheduling / calendaring, clinical notes, service planning, service delivery tracking, billing, outcomes evaluation, reporting, referrals, wait-listing and documents management needs in one innovative and intuitive package.

Better Service Delivery = Better Outcomes

By reducing administrative burden, accelerating information flow, reducing workflow obstacles that slow down service delivery and providing smarter ways to plan, provide, monitor, evaluate and report on all aspects of your operations, the Penelope case management system will empower your organization to reach new levels of client success, accountability and efficiency.